Sunday, October 26, 2008

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Farmer Kyle

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This is Jack's friend, Kyle, riding a toy tractor at a great park near his house. Poor little Kyle had just gotten his first bloody lip a little bit before this picture was taken. He is obviously a very brave little boy to soldier on and keep playing.

Jack on the Hayride

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Jack Petting the Goats

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Cox Farms

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This past week, my parents and I took Jack to Cox Farms. I had been there with my sister a couple of years ago, pre-Jack, and was very impressed with the farm. They have a great hayride, which meanders through corn, woods and water. Along the sides, they set up wood cut outs of different cartoon characters and do different stunts, like pretend that the tractor is stuck in the muddy water. In addition to the hayride they have lots of different farm animals,slides, and a corn maze. It was a wonderful fall day and lots of fun for Jack.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Months 14 and 15

Dear Jack,

Over the past two months you have hit one of the biggest milestones of your little life: you have learned how to walk. It officially started at 13 and a half months and you haven’t slowed down since. In fact, if you are awake, you must be walking. Even when you are two exhausted to walk, when your legs are so tired that they can barely support you, you MUST STILL WALK. Unfortunately, during those times you tend to fall quite a bit, which results in a lot of crying. But despite the crying, you still muster up enough strength to pull yourself up again and walk some more.

In September, we took a trip up to Boston and Cape Cod. You and I toured the city of Boston while daddy worked. You really enjoyed the Children’s Museum in Boston, as well as the aquarium. You were not very impressed with the science museum, but that was mostly because it was designed for kids a little older than you. We spent some time at the park in Boston Common and even took a trolley tour of the city (where you took a nap). We also went on the subway, which was our first experience with public transportation.

After spending a few days in Boston, we left for the Cape to spend some time with Dani and Bampy, as well as Aunt Sammy, Uncle Jim, Jack and Mia. You had a fantastic time running around with your cousins. Every time they came over to the house, your face would light up and you would do your happy dance (which involves you taking tiny steps very quickly). If only we lived closer and we could hang out with them more often—I know that this would make you very happy.

I’ve been amazed by how much more you seem to understand these days. In fact, it seems like over the past week, you have really started to communicate with words. This weekend, you picked up the phrase “uh-oh” and would use it after you dropped things on the floor. I have also noticed that you will occasionally say “hi” when you wave. And when we were reading a book yesterday, you saw the little girl in the picture cover up her eyes and you covered up your own eyes. This is just amazing to me—that you are observing your world around you and learning from it. I guess it’s time that daddy and I start watching what we say around you—we don’t want any of your other first words to be ones that can’t be said on the playground!
Hopefully, mommy will be better about keeping up with these letters to you and won’t do them every couple of months. I’ll definitely try to be better.

I love you, from the tippy top of your head down to your cute little toes.


Sunday, October 12, 2008

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

We're Back

For the past two weeks, we have been on a mini-vacation. Well, it was more of a vacation for me and Jack since Terry actually had to work for most of it. We went up to Boston for a week and then spent a week on the Cape with Terry's parents. When I have a bit more time, I will write more, but for now, I will leave you with these pictures of Jack's first beach experience. Despite the pained expression on his face, he really did enjoy it. Well, until he fell face first into the water, then not so much.