Friday, September 5, 2008

The Sleepy Face

When Jack gets really tired, he'll start pulling on his face like this, or he'll lie on the floor face down and just cry. It's really rather pathetic, in an adorable way. We spent the afternoon at the water fountain in Fairfax Corner, so he was pretty tired from all the walking and crawling that he did there. After snapping this picture, he went down for a much deserved nap.

It's Official, He's a Toddlin'

For a little over a month, Jack has been able to take a few steps here and there, mostly with a lot of encouragement from Terry and I. He's actually pretty sturdy on his feet, but I think he took a tumble one day that must have knocked down his confidence because he seemed to regress a little bit on the walking front. But I think we have officially rounded the corner into toddlerdom. This week, he has been a little toddlin' fool, wanting to go around and around the island, over and over and over...and over again. As you can tell from these pictures, he is pretty proud of himself and excited about this new sense of freedom. It's been so incredible for me to see him grow in this way, to share in his excitement over being able to walk from one room to another. I'm not sure I'm ready for this new stage, but it looks like fun. Oh, and if you are wondering what he's holding in the picture above, it's a candlestick holder that I made in a pottery class. The odd things he likes.