Sunday, July 19, 2009

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The Bear Turns Two!

In just two hours, Jack will be two years old. Well, I guess technically it won't be until 1:20 pm tomorrow, but nonetheless, the day is upon us! I feel like this past year has been harder on me than the first year. Having a newborn was easy--you know, minus the not sleeping thing. A toddler on the other hand is just a ball of nonstop energy that seems to only know how to careen into the most perilous of places. How many heart attacks have I had this past year from fear that he was going to kill himself have been to many to count. I guess the bonus, though, is that he is actually a little person now. With likes and dislikes, which he is slowly learning how to communicate to us.

My mom wanted me to write down all of the words that he knows, but I don't think I could possibly remember all of them. He mostly speaks in just one or two word phrases, not any sentences yet, but he'll string together a list of various words to get across his ideas. Like, one day we walked outside and he said, "Sunny, windy, clouds." As you can see, he's a natural born meteorologist.

He has also become a Star Trek fan. This is something that I will blame solely on Terry. He loves the opening sequence, watching the planets (and can say "planet"), trying to repeat the words "Space, the final frontier." And when the spaceships fly by, he shouts ZOOOM!

Tomorrow we will celebrate his special day with his buddy, Kyle. Just a little celebration and then on Saturday a party with my parents and sister held at a local park. I've decorated the house so that tomorrow he will be surprised with balloons and streamers. I doubt he will know that it his birthday, but I hope he realizes that it is a very special day. We've been practicing singing Happy Birthday To You and I'll hear him in the backseat of the car trying to sing it on his own. He always ends by pretending to blow out candles, so I think that he will be a pro at it tomorrow.

Happy Birthday, Little Bear. You have made our lives infinitely more full, fun and special. Your mommy and daddy love you to bits.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Video of Our Trip

Here is a short movie of our trip to the cape. It's mostly just the kids running around in the yard, plus a couple images from our trip to ride on Thomas at Edaville. Enjoy!

The Cape Cod Concert

My nephew, Jack, is a huge fan of country music. His first word was "Brad", as in Brad Paisley. I think he definitely has a future as a performer because at three he has already mastered the art of putting on a concert. Below is the concert that Jack put on for us, with Mia and my Jack as the backup singers. I think my Jack is more of a rocker at heart. At one point, he tries to bang his guitar against the floor, reminiscent of Nirvana. I hope you guys enjoy the show!

Saturday, July 4, 2009